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How to manage your weight in winter!


There is no right or wrong answer to the question, how much weight someone may gain in winter?

It is probably within the 2-5kg range and that’s without even trying. That’s just by exercising less and eating more. It’s cold, the routine changes too – home-work-home – the diet holds a little less focus than usual and anything that’s warm becomes the new favourite food. It happens and it’s ok if you’re ok with those extra kilos, however, a large percentage of people are already overweight and really can’t afford to be adding on more. It’s a cycle where we spend summer deciding to lose some kilos and winter where we add them back on; and more.

A suggestion to curb this vicious cycle and avoid overeating is to use one of the many online delivery services. The portion sizes are managed, the meal is often prepared as a balanced meal, some of them even come from the freezer which means you can actually sit and watch TV whilst it heats in the microwave. I have personally tried ‘Hello Fresh’ and found their meals to be a great size, in fact sometimes we had leftovers for lunch the following day. They are colourful and interesting and as the name suggests ‘fresh’.

Of course, there is always the option that whilst the meal is heating, rather than watching TV, put a chair against a wall and sit to stand as many times as possible. If you did this 3-4 evenings per week during winter you may find you improve your strength and fitness prior to summer and that you’re able to keep those extra unwanted kilos away.

This isn’t a paid endorsement and really an earnest recommendation for a product Diana uses herself. You can find more about Hello Fresh on their website: