• Specialist ‘Personal’ Training

    A specialist package devoted to an individual to progress them towards their specific goals.

  • Small and Large Group Training

    Training for a couple, a few or more (30, 50, 100 or more) specific to goals or group request.

  • Corporate Training

    Training for your employees, specific to your workplace, how to move well at work, minimise injuries and sick days and get the most from your employees etc.

  • Elite Athlete Training

    Adult, Youth Junior Training – Sport Specific training – dragon boat, rowing, swimming, running, boxing, pilates, yoga, strength, cardiovascular, just ask and we can arrange


  • Childrens' Fitness / Seniors' Training & mobility
  • Injury Preventative Strategies / Rehabilitation
  • Land coaching
  • On-water training (paddling and rowing)
  • Postural Corrective Techniques / Functional Fitness
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Weight Loss Coach

Diana | Body Basics will motivate you to be your best. Help you map out your goals and identify your potential you will realise what you personally want to achieve, keep your focus and leave feeling better than ever. You will become stronger, fitter, more mobile and faster.