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The moment someone knows!


Yes, we have all been there. It’s a moment we can choose to ignore OR a moment we can STOP and take notice.

Those who choose to ignore the signals in the first instance may get a second chance and a third and a fourth, this will continue until the moment when ignorance dissolves and a decision is made to take on, the moment. Often referred to as ‘the light bulb moment’.

Sometimes it comes from the need being so great that it then becomes desire, sometimes the desire is so strong then we perceive it is a need, either way that moment happens!

The reason I talk about ‘the moment’ is because it is the same for the job we seek, the partner we seek and the body we seek along with the happiness we seek.

Lets start with the job we seek – so you put it out there, you may already have a job (or not) but you have an idea of what you would like to do and so you set about seeking employment of that nature. You scan the papers, you use social media, you use contacts, friends and family to put the message out there and before long BOOM!

You have that job you were seeking!

If you happen to take the wrong job, you will know, you sense that it just isn’t going to work so you get out and begin the process again or fall into the correct job. Otherwise, you stick it out and think it will get better, which maybe it does, but maybe it doesn’t. This one is the problem because you find yourself in a job that you are not happy in and start to believe that it is the only job in the world and that you have to do it. Sure enough you will put up with it for longer, sometimes too long, all the while knowing that it isn’t the job you wanted from the beginning, you push on until BOOM!

There it is again, that light bulb moment!

And then you may do something about seeking a new job.

It is this moment that we need to acknowledge and tap into more often, if we are to live the life we imagine. Paying more attention to that moment will also help to manage your weight.

That moment when you decide you want to lose weight, or become fitter or when the pain is so great, that moment when you realise that it has to happen NOW. That moment will make all the difference, that is the moment to act, seek help from a professional, seize the moment and plan a path of difference!