The health of young people has always been an interest of mine.

Since becoming a mum and being a Coach, I have been fortunate to engage with many other parents but also with many other young people. In general, parents want the best for their children and are often prepared to provide just about anything to keep the child happy, however it is important to consider the consequence of the action and therefore the price we may pay for happiness!

Currently, I am saddened by the amount of young people dependent on addictive substances and products such as caffeine, alcohol and tobacco. I see young people, at their peak in life, teens who are at the stage to choose who, what or how they will be in this life and they are fortunate enough to have had education, yet they are still choosing to depend on addictive substances, substances that will inhibit their life potential and create a burden on society.

It is parents and adults who need to take responsibility for this. Parents need to believe in their parenting and believe there is nothing wrong with their children. Parents need to treat their children like children and teach them right from wrong and teach them how to deal with the emotions of happiness, sadness and fear. Treat them like children who need to learn rather then miniature adults who should be perfect.

Children who are loved and provided with consequences for their behaviours and actions. Children who are provided with emotional understanding so they build strength and resilience will be better able to cope with challenging experiences more easily than those who are provided substances which mask emotions and inhibit creativity, inhibit resilience and coping skills.

This starts at toddler age and I am aghast at the amount of parents initiating this dependence by providing their toddlers with Babycinos and only today I walked past a father who asked Miss Three if they had finished their coffee yet? What was in the black take away cup with a sippy lid is unknown, however the terminology used was already instilling the thought that an addictive substance is ok AND IT IS NOT.

Parents, I come back to the question of whether the consequence of the action has been considered does your toddler really need a Babycino or would a fresh piece of fruit or a drink of water suffice?